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We Choose Carroll - Part 11: D/R Electric

Being business owners in Carroll means we feel strongly about supporting other small business owners in our community. "Choose Carroll", the Carroll Chamber's slogan means a lot to us, especially in our new build. We have worked with local businesses for our entire project and are so happy to get to shout them out - they've truly brought our vision to life!


On Day 11, we have a big shoutout to give. D/R Electric has done such an outstanding job in this building. There are lots of different aspects of our building from office space, to needs for apparel, signage, vehicles, large format printing and more. Each of these spaces have different electrical and lighting needs. They have gone above and beyond to make our buliding both beautiful and workable for us. We LOVE our outdoor lighting, it's so fun to drive by at night. Our loft lighting and our break room lighting are our favorites! Thank you D/R Electric: and a special shoutout to Dan and Chance who put up with us and all of our requests through this project!

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