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We Choose Carroll - Part 14: Carroll Lumber

Being business owners in Carroll means we feel strongly about supporting other small business owners in our community. "Choose Carroll", the Carroll Chamber's slogan means a lot to us, especially in our new build. We have worked with local businesses for our entire project and are so happy to get to shout them out - they've truly brought our vision to life!


Day 14 is all about Carroll Lumber. Mike, Ali, and the crew at Carroll Lumber have been so helpful to us throughout this project. Like any building project, there have been lots of twists and turns and they have handled it all so well with us. They have been a huge help making sure we are making good layout decisions in our building, using high quality materials, and that it's all coming together how we want it. Thank you, thank you Mike, Ali, and team. We've really enjoyed getting to know you both better through this process and are so thankful for you!

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