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We Choose Carroll - Part 9: Olsem Plumbing and HVAC

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Being business owners in Carroll means we feel strongly about supporting other small business owners in our community. "Choose Carroll", the Carroll Chamber's slogan means a lot to us, especially in our new build. We have worked with local businesses for our entire project and are so happy to get to shout them out - they've truly brought our vision to life!


On Day 9 we thank Olsem Plumbing and HVAC. They've had a big job to do as our building has many different needs in the different rooms. Because of our large format printing portion of our business, we need top-notch humidity and temperature control. We also have office space, garage space, apparel space, a loft and a large back room all that need to be temperature controlled as well, but at different temperatures. Greg Olsem, owner, and crew took on the task and have done a great job making sure our needs are met. Thank you Olsem Plumbing and HVAC for being a part of our project!

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