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We Choose Carroll - Part 22: Nagl Home Repair

Being business owners in Carroll means we feel strongly about supporting other small business owners in our community. "Choose Carroll", the Carroll Chamber's slogan means a lot to us, especially in our new build. We have worked with local businesses for our entire project and are so happy to get to shout them out - they've truly brought our vision to life!


We are coming down to the home stretch on our Choose Carroll Shoutout Series and today is the most important of them all! On Day 22 we get to show our gratitude for our contractors, Nate and Kate Nagl and Nagl Home Repair. We owe so much to Nate and Kate that goes far beyond the walls of this building. They are great friends of ours and even better people. We could write pages about what they mean to us! Like any building project, there were some rocky days in there and we joked that Nate and Kate were our therapists throughout it all. They knew what we needed to hear right when we needed to hear it - they would remind us it was all going to be okay and that we had a beautiful building in the works.

The great part about Nate and Kate is that not only are they are trusted builders, but they have both have an incredible eye for design. They have so many great ideas - they took our vision and created something beyond what we could ever have imagined. Take a look through the pictures below to see how they were able to create a building that is so perfect for our work space but is also a place we want to come to everyday!

Thank you Nate and Kate from the bottom of our hearts for working with us on this project. You are more appreciated than you will ever know!

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