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We Choose Carroll - Part 23: Ending our Series

As we end our Choose Carroll Shoutout Series on Christmas Day, it seems perfect timing to shout-out our family and friends! We have so many supportive people in our lives: friends, family, and friends who have become family. Some have helped us physically - by cleaning, moving boxes and equipment, and even decorating Christmas trees! Others have helped us both strategically and emotionally - talking with us about growing our business, being a listening ear, and so much more.

Cheers to our family and friends! This list is not conclusive of those who have supported us along the way, but here's a special shoutout to our crew!

The Cleaning Crew: Tristan, Molli, Linda, Scott, Randy, and the Bissen kids

The Moving Crew: Tanner, Aubrie, Joewie, Will, Breck, Tristan, Molli, Randy, Scott, Linda, Ben, Evy, Jaelea, Katie, & members of the CHS Basketball Team: Evan, Payton, Caden, Blake, Will, & Ryan

The IT and Accounting Crew: Luke and Sarah Anderson

The Listening/Reassuring it will all work out Crew: Katie, Ann, Kelli, Kendall, Angie, Michelle, Angie, Jess, Liz, Sarah, Josh, Nevada, Angi, Jamie, Melissa, Amy, Randy, Molli, Linda, and Scott

The Christmas Decorating Crew: Jaelea, Evy, Ben, and Linda

And finally.... The ISTS Crew: We have a small but mighty crew at ISTS and we love them all dearly! Tristan, Linda, Molli, Scott, and Randy - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for going on this journey with us!

Thank you for following along with our Chose Carroll series! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Denae and Chelsea

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